Salim, Veysel and Şenol are three brothers living in a country house. Their father had died a few years ago. Their mother is confined to bed due to a severe disease. Salim and Veysel are working together as shepherds. Şenol is a high school student, but he had to drop out from school due to his elder brother Salim’s decision. He’s obliged to look after his mother, and do all the housework.

Salim dominates and humiliates his brothers. Although he works together with Veysel, he takes all the money they earn. Salim’s dream is to get married. He spends most of the money to his dowry. He has a locked room, where he keeps all the new house-ware. Salim gets in touch with a matchmaker known as Sergeant and pays him a fee for his efforts to find him a wife. Veysel has to serve as a soldier, but he’s penniless; because his elder brother takes all his money. He tries to get his share from his brother, but Salim ignores and mistreats him. Şenol waits patiently for Salim to get married. Because he hopes that his brother’s wife would save him from looking after his sick mother, and doing all the housework. And more importantly he hopes to go back to school.

Sergeant finds a girl for Salim. After paying an expensive bride price, and giving plenty of jewelry to the girl, they make a religious marriage. The girl demands more, and Salim spends all the money he has, including his brother’s share. Just before their official marriage the girl runs away. Conned by the girl, Salim is deep in dept. Still waiting for Salim to pay his money, Veysel loses his patience. Tied up together with dreams and disappointments, the three brothers will have one last confrontation.

Director Biography – Mevlüt Taşcı

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