Blue Balloon

Blue Balloon

Umut a (19) years old guy, physically and mentally disabled. He lost his ability to speak because of the traumas he experienced, Umut a prisoner in his bed, wakes up on the sound of the balloon seller. He sees the balloons flying past the window, He begins to dream. a door opens to him in his imagination,Nothing prevented him. Actually, the obstacle was in his mind. the obstacle stands in front of Umut every time. Umut does not give up. He continues to breathe as long as the balloon in his arm flew. But this evil does not leave Umut alone. they ended his dream by bursting the bubble of hope. Umut fell to the ground, helpless. He wanted to stand up, but that was impossible, As he was about to lose hope, a hand touched his shoulder. Being happy, even if it was a dream, gave him strength. Now the balloon seller knows that every time he passed by, someone would buy from him a balloon.

Director Biography – MERVE YILDIZ

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