Harran School: El Battani

Harran School: El Battani

Harran School: El Battani

The documentary is about the Harran School/Ecole, which was active and has an important place between the 7th and 11th centuries A.D. in terms of the History of Science in general, and El Battani, who lived between 859-929 from the Harran School in particular, on mathematics-geometry and astronomy. It tells about the effects and reflections of the important inventions and inventions that he made in that period and later on the History of Science. In addition, the documentary also deals with the effects on important scientists and thinkers in the world in the context of the scientific fields and spaces that the Harran School/Ecole nurtured and nurtured as a scientific space and at the same time as a school.

Director Biography – Sedat BEENEK

Sedat Benek was born 1971 in Hoşin village, Hilvan district, Şanlıurfa province, Turkey. He studied at Uludag University, Department of Geography and now works as a lecturer at Harran University, in Şanlıurfa, Turkey. He has been involved in cinema for 15 years. At the beginning of her important films are Göbeklitepe Residents (2020), One Human One City (2019), Şakha (2017), Kevok (Pigeon) (2016), Siverek (2013) and Çiroken Sinor (Border Stories) (2011).

Director Statement

El-Battani is one of the most important philosophers of the Harran Ecole. The Western World gives a special value to Al-Battani for his contributions to the history of science and especially to astronomy, and for this reason, many important centers have been named Al-Battani. Here, this documentary titled “Harran Ecole: El Battani” deals with the contribution and impact of Al Battani on the history of science and astronomy with a realistic approach, helping the Muslim Geography, especially Turkey, become aware of their own history, learn lessons from it and make self-criticism that aims to be able to make self-criticism by understanding the History of Science and Philosophy that emerged in the Western World without rejecting it.
In addition, it is one of the aims of this documentary to underline the fact that the indispensable condition for development, and therefore development as a cumulative result of science, is that science gains functionality in its natural habitat where freedom of opinion exists

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