Közüngü is the name given to the mirrors worn on the chest areas of their ritual costumes by kam, who were the anonymous sages, inventors, manufacturers, artists and craftsmen of the hunter-gatherer Turkish communities. The documentary explores the reflections of Central Asian Turkish culture on the culture of Anatolia

Although kam came to be recognized in time as witch doctors, the palce of these people in societal history is way beyond what this term implies. Kam are individuals who stand out from their communities by their unique psychologies, ways of thinking and dispositions, evident from their childhood onwards. What makes these individuals each with very high observation skills is the ability to synthesize their observations, draw conclusions from these and convert them into knowledge.

Közüngü, through interviews with craftsmen and artists knowledgeable both in their fields and the evolution of Turkish culture through the ages, focuses on the questions of who “kam” is, what duty they took, and why they had to take, upon themselves in the Central Asian society, and why it is believed that the first blacksmiths, musicians, instrument makers and artists were “kam”.

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