The 45 minute 4K Digital DTS Documentarytitled YANAM whichportraysIndia’sdreamproject “MANGALYAN” (Mars Orbiter Mission) isthefirst Science- Sanskrit Film in thehistoryof World Cinema. India isthefourthcountrytocompletethegruelling Mars Mission alongwiththe United States, the European Union and China. Itis also noteworthythat India ishailedasthefirstcountrytosuccessfullycompletethemiraculousventureofinterplanetarytravel (Mars Mission) at a muchlessercostthan Hollywood movies like “GRAVITY”.

The mainmissionof YANAM istoshowcasethecapabilities and expertiseofthe Indian Space Research Organization and the stellar performancesofthetalented Space Scientists and also in popularisingtheimportanceof Sanskrit language.

Whenworldscientistsexpectedonly a 60 percentchanceofsuccess in the Mars Mission, thisfilmrevealshow India overcame such an arduousinterplanetaryjourney and reachedthis monumental victory in thefirstattemptitself. This moviedealswith rocket making, itslaunching, satellitemaking, controlofinterplanetarytravel etc.

YANAM isbased on theautobiographicalbook “MY ODYSSEY” byformer ISRO Chairman Padmabhushan Dr. Radhakrishnan. The filminscribesthecontributionofthe Indian sages on theplanetsoftheSolar System (Sooryasidhantham) tothejourneyoftheMangalyaan

DirectorBiography – VINOD MANKARA

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